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VIP, Inc. Creating Winning Partnerships with Our Communities
Since 1986, VIP has helped hundreds of businessess that have helped
thousands of people with disabilities. Together we are...
Partners for Progress
A Winning Partnership for Building Your Business
VIP creates Partners for Progress with business leaders who want to make a difference in their communities by hiring people with disabilities to fill entry-level positions and assembly and packaging needs. These employers lead by example by providing an integrated work environment where VIP Clients are able to enhance their vocational skills and gain confidence with the knowledge that they are employed and contributing to the betterment of society.

Read Testimonials from Satisfied Customers!

How the Program Works

Individual Placements
An individual placement is one qualified person working in a company with the assistance of a VIP, Inc. job coach. The job coach provides intensive on-the-job training for the individual and support for the employer to ensure mutual success. The coach gradually decreases training hours as the client becomes more familiar and skilled at his/her job tasks.

Group Placements
A group placement is comprised of a minimum of three individuals with a full-time permanent job coach for the duration of employment. The job coach is responsible for training, supervising, and meeting the needs of the group and management. Individuals are able to gain valuable work experience while developing the necessary skills and ethics for successful careers.

Subcontract Services
VIP, Inc. is one of the largest and most highly respected subcontract packaging, assembly, and fulfillment resources in Southern California. We also provide mobile work crews for all your professional janitorial and landscape maintenance needs.

VIP Client at Work!Your business will save money on wages and insurance
as well as on valuable space since we do all the work in
our three production facilities.

All clients are under the supervision of trained professional staff and VIP guarantees the quality of our workmanship and production.

A Note of Appreciation
from Pechanga Resort & Casino

"As we strive to remain "California’s Best", all of us in the EVS department would like to express our gratitude toward the VIP crew. They have assisted our team to ensure the tasks at hand are completed accurately and efficiently. It has been a pleasure working with all of you. Thank you very much for all of your assistance."

Bill Wilson

EVS Manager
Pechanga Resort & Casino
Nestlé Promotes Teamwork,
Partnerships, and Independence

"The Vocational Improvement Program has been a part of the Nestlé Mira Loma Distribution Center for close to eight years. When we were first introduced to the program and VIP explained that people with disabilities would be coming here to work, it raised a few eyebrows. However, as time passed and the VIP group was able to assist us through some major inspection audits, they demonstrated that their tasks were value added.
“We now consider VIP an important part of our Distribution Center support staff. The clients have won our hearts and minds by displaying pride and joy in what they do. You can ask any of our senior employees and they will all express the importance in what VIP does and the big part VIP plays in keeping the ‘Nestlé Machine’ working well."

Reggie Hunter
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Champion Irrigation Products Appreciate
the Timeliness and Quality of VIP's Work

"As Operations Manager for Champion Irrigation Products, I got excited when Stu Robinson explained the potentials that VIP had to solve some of my productivity issues. We produce many high value components that require hand assembly and barcoding, which are labor intense and expensive when you consider all of the multipliers of labor costs in today's manufacturing environment.

I decided to give VIP a go and sent over some parts that were tying up three of my full-time employees. I was very pleased when they came back the next week and I saw the quality in the work. I was also able to use my three full-time employees to run more productive machines.

Now I send a variety of work to VIP. They have provided on time, quality service and their people are responsive and sincere.

Dave Coots
Operations Manager
Champion Irrigation Products
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